Sometimes I just sit back and watch other human experiences happen around me. I did not say that I don’t participate, I simply have moments that spark reflection, introspection. Today my thought juices are flowing on the all too often, much too common ease at which others use words or actions to bring others down. I am on a few facebook, twitter pages and walk a social path that puts me in the company of others at times. Let me start by saying that for the most part the experiences are good, warm. Communications is what makes the world go round and people are engaging more and more. However, it is in moments where I witness people bashing, name throwing, negatively targeted audiences or cultures that spark this blog entry, “What Are We Doing”?

Inside and behind the doors of every home or homeless abode, lives a human being waiting to be inspired each and everyday. Our actions as human beings can be as welcoming and contributing to the encouragement and growth of others as we want them to be. What are we doing when we use trigger words that spread a message to others that make them think or feel negatively about another? What are we doing when many of us exit the walls of churches everywhere that teach love in the pulpit, but then fire off tongues of venom against our neighbors and so called friends? What are we doing when we stand behind our desks and have private meetings that ridicule a not-present employee, only to have them feel inferior in an environment where they are trying to become a part of the team? What are we doing when we use our influence as family members to stage a coup against another family member through private conversations or hidden posts, with obvious meaning?

Behind closed doors I admit, that I am sorry to have not written this post sooner. I am inspired by a few friends that I must say honor this code, thank you Ced, Tam, Joe H. and Cam W., to name a few. When in your presence I am happy to report that inspiration and encouragement are present. I hope that someone is inspired and encouraged to ask the question. What am I doing to help make a heart beat a little faster with the joy of my presence? What am I doing to give a child hope today? What are we doing that we would want done to us in return? So as I continue to engage and reflect on this human experience, I am trying to do my part, no I’m not perfect, but I will ask myself the same question in a personal way.

“What am I doing”?

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