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“I have been granted many wonderful opportunities because of my talents and skills and though it’s easy to talk about what I have done, it is important that I share why I do it.  Using my voice to inspire, excite, make people laugh, move, feel, brings me great joy as it is my passion.” – Nicole Cabell

Throughout Nicole Cabell’s 15 year professional career she has helped many companies and organizations with her training/speaking services. Clients include; Mount Sinai Hospital’s Power Violence and Prevention Program, Free Spirit Media, Drug Enforcement Agency, UNCF, Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes’ Hospital, Flourish Studios, Gateway Computers, University of Wisconsin Green Bay, The Midwest Achievement Gap Conference, several Chicago area churches, Toastmasters International , University of Illinois at Chicago and more.

She has been a broadcast reporter/Voice Over Artist on WVON and WMPR. Her voice has been heard on WGCI, POWER 92.3 and her spanish speaking skills have been used on WONX. She created and aired The Mahogany Blue Show for several years on WVON, a jazz/talk show.

Her experience working with others to make positive life changes is where Nicole Cabell finds her greatest passion. She teaches people to realize their self worth through keynote presentations, one on one coaching, trainings, workshops and more. She is passionately committed to helping you by “Unlocking Your Champion”. Nicole Cabell is married to an outstanding husband/best friend and has the most amazing child in the world, she is daughter to a brilliant mom, has a power driven grandmother and a highly educated family who drive her to succeed. She has God to thank for her gift of speech and sound mind.


“Nicole is an extraordinary human being. Her ability to engage and relate to a diverse spectrum of individuals is truly incredible. Her authenticity, compassion and willingness to help others is truly astounding.” – Richard A. George / Professional Speaker

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have done for the mission of the American Red Cross of greater Chicago.  Following the Haiti earthquake, your in-depth coverage of the impacts of disasters locally and abroad was been fair, relevant and emotionally powerful.  We deeply love and appreciate people who help those we serve, this includes you. From our hearts thank you.” –  Jackie Mitchell, Director of Marketing and Communications, American Red Cross of Greater Chicago






2 thoughts on “ABOUT NICOLE CABELL

  1. I am a Haitian studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, i was wondering where I could find info about Haiti relief events occurring around Chicago. Thanks a lot,


    1. Peace! I will pass your info on to the Chicago Red Cross and my Haitian friend, Daphnee at Herocares@gmail.com. Also, if you are on Twitter, follow Wyclef’s rep @GiGiCapone or check out @WarriorMovement! If you would like more info: chicagoradionews@gmail.com.
      Thank you very much for reading, listening and responding!! Keep in touch!

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