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Remember the days when you had to put on your best look, grab your business cards, the pencil & pen set with your initials on them and head to a networking event filled with people you’ve never met. This networking event, catered with wine, cheese and strategic conversation was aimed at getting a lead or a few important business cards. Networking was/is a must for developing and growing one’s business; for account acquisition, job leads or just to help one’s business succeed. Those days still exist, but our ever-changing world full of technological advances have created a new form of networking that has even brought socially shy people into the spotlight more and more each day. I know that most of you are used to the term Social Networking, but for the sake of this article we’ll call those of us caught up in online connections through various sites on the World Wide Web, Networking Socials.

Where Will I Take My Next Coffee Break?

There was a time when people went to coffee houses in pairs to chat about work, children, school and pets.  These days chatting at the coffee-house is a slight distraction for Networking Socials; so enter signs posted on windows for the technical eye to see, “FREE WiFi“.  Yes, that’s it, I (emphasis on I) will stop right here and have my coffee; my laptop, cappuccino and I can get some networking out-of-the-way.  Just when you thought your battery might run out, have no fear, electric plugs are being installed in record numbers at these coffee shops.  So in you go and within a matter of 10 minutes you check into as many sites that you are associated with to make sure that you  have not missed an important update or an opportunity to network with a perspective contact.  Finally, you are engaged and on your strategically chatting, writing way.

How Do I Manage My Time?

If you can keep your mind focused on traditional networking for just a moment, I want to remind you of the importance of those face to face networking events.  If you were like me, you had a business card goal.  I would say to myself, “I want to leave here tonight with 10 to 15 meaningful business cards.”  Meaningful meant, I did not just collect business cards to be collecting business cards.   I took time to speak with people and listen to other conversations happening around the punch table.  During these conversations, I was able to meet, learn about, or be pointed in the direction of someone who can be of assistance to me and my goal for networking in the first place.  This concept should be the same for Networking Socials on the World Wide Web, on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in or even via email.  Listen with your eyes, yes I’ll write that again in the next sentence.  Listen with your eyes. Use your eyes to do the job that your ears cannot do, unless you’re on Skype.  Use your writing as your handshake to make the connection.  Make sure you prepare thoughts in advance, so that you can ask the right questions and get out of the chatting, writing, and socializing exactly what you want.  If you’re into sales, ask for the sale, but don’t be surprised of rejection if you haven’t been social.  Social Networking, Networking Socials is about connecting and sharing information.  Read carefully and don’t always be quick to respond.  Offer something important, share, don’t covet information.  Your reward also comes from your investment.  Information is valuable and if you want to learn, you should also be willing to share.

So go on Networking Socialite, the world is one click away from meeting you. Friend somebody, follow somebody on Twitter. Your mind is your limit!  Unlock Your Champion, how many contacts can you keep up with?  Whatever the answer is, don’t let the fear of a face to face meeting stop you, it may not even be necessary, if at all.

If you ever need Social Media Consulting, I’m just one click away.

Unlocking Your Champion, I’m Nicole Cabell

Happy New Year 2011!

Click on 2011 to Celebrate

This year has been full of learning, excitement and even some moments of sadness and exhaustion. Through this 2010 journey, I have become more aware of my low level of tolerance for those words, things, actions that bring other people down, that destroy families, that feed the greedy. I have prayed stronger, needed less and have had a greater appetite for love and to give love. I have often used my words, that are a gift that I was given from my creator at an early age, to spread messages that are generated from my experiences, and/or my physical, spiritual and emotional connections to others and their experiences.

I felt the pain (as much as possible) of our children whose lives were snuffed out by the anger of violence and prayed for us to #StopChicagoYouthKillings, and was encouraged by the voices of my twitter/facebook friends to the tune of hundreds who felt the same way. In 2011, I pray that we continue to spread outcries from various people and organizations that received national headlines in 2010 bringing attention to neglected children in inner city communities across this “great” USA. Our children need to know that we care about them and the future of the human race. I grew up in a faith that recognizes that cutting down our children, basically destroys access to the future.

My strong, gentle and caring husband has a quote that I basically use as much as possible, because I love it so much. C’s quote is, “Progress is measured by the support you give another.” I have always wanted to be in a position to do as much for others as I possibly can, and one of my favorite people Oprah Winfrey does this well. I have had dreams of having a large bus and just going through the City of Chicago and doing for those who need it most, asking for nothing in return. In this dream, I imagine holding on to the feeling that perhaps the little bit that I am able to give, helped someone believe that this world can be a better place for everyone.

That is my hope for 2011, simple and sweet, that you, the one who is reading this message, that they, the ones who cannot see, that this world, this America, this Chicago will find peace at last. I know that God can deliver us all through dark days into the light of tomorrow that carries more hope and more promise than the past. So forget what happened yesterday, the journey is a part of the process that will carry you to the exact place that you are supposed to be. You just need to believe in whatever it is that brought you this far. Thank you God for an amazing husband, a beautiful child, family, extended family, in-law family, friends, animals, earth, wind, fire, water, metal, love, life, laughter. For 2011:

I wish that all troops can be returned home to their families as quickly as possible and that they receive the care they need to heal.

I pray for families and friends, for healing and strength with a bond eternal.

I pray for my facebook and twitter connections that all of you will be protected by love and God’s promise for you.

I pray for the hungry that they will find food, clothing and shelter in this world of ours in limitless supply.

I pray for those who need jobs that the economy will strengthen and make your finances stable.

I pray for our children (my child) that you will know that you are loved and that you will be protected with every step you take and every move you make.

I pray for those who care for children everywhere, that you receive the patience and support you need to love the children that you come in contact with.

I pray for the mothers (my mother and mother in-law) that you are blessed for the love that you give to your children everywhere.

I pray for the women and men of the world that you find the support, love, strength that you need to be strong.

I pray for my husband that you are given the tools that you need to continue to enhance the beautiful visions that you have and have shared with our family and that the canvas that we have painted for each other continues to flourish.

This is my wish for #2011

My husband and I are creating a family covenant and marriage covenant that will be prayed over as we take part in a watch service to ask for God’s protection and love. We will also pray for world peace and therefore for each and every one of you.

Love God, Love Self, Love Others, Love Always


From Our Family to Yours Happy New Year!



Elizabeth Edwards

Behind every set of eyes and ears lives someone whose life is a mystery to others. Each of us has some characteristics or chutzpah that help us get through life from one day to the next. Each time we go through something and come out of it unscathed, there is a part of us that quietly rejoices. Then we meet or hear about someone who makes it through the worst of odds and they simply blow you away with their dignity during times of complete chaos. Elizabeth Edwards appeared to be that kind of woman.

I did not know Elizabeth Edwards, but there was something beautiful about the dignity that she displayed at what must have been the worst public moments of her life. With her head held high she went through emotional and physical pain at the news that her husband and life partner had cheated on her and cancer was trying to take her life. While she admits to tears and suffering, her media headlines tell of a woman who would not let the troubles of the world break her.

TODAY, DECEMBER 7, 2010, ELIZABETH EDWARDS LOST HER BATTLE WITH CANCER. That is certainly what the headlines will say. However, I have a different take on her life. Today, Elizabeth Edwards taught us all that “SHATTERED GLASS NEVER BREAKS”, with head held high she went through so much and demonstrated what true strength looks like. Elizabeth Edwards is free from all the pain and though she never had a chance to see her children become parents ( a desire of hers) she left her heirs a legacy of dignity to learn from for years and years to come. In her own words Elizabeth Edwards writes before departing from this world, “I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious.”

Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
‘Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Maya Angelou

RIP Elizabeth Edwards


Sometimes I just sit back and watch other human experiences happen around me. I did not say that I don’t participate, I simply have moments that spark reflection, introspection. Today my thought juices are flowing on the all too often, much too common ease at which others use words or actions to bring others down. I am on a few facebook, twitter pages and walk a social path that puts me in the company of others at times. Let me start by saying that for the most part the experiences are good, warm. Communications is what makes the world go round and people are engaging more and more. However, it is in moments where I witness people bashing, name throwing, negatively targeted audiences or cultures that spark this blog entry, “What Are We Doing”?

Inside and behind the doors of every home or homeless abode, lives a human being waiting to be inspired each and everyday. Our actions as human beings can be as welcoming and contributing to the encouragement and growth of others as we want them to be. What are we doing when we use trigger words that spread a message to others that make them think or feel negatively about another? What are we doing when many of us exit the walls of churches everywhere that teach love in the pulpit, but then fire off tongues of venom against our neighbors and so called friends? What are we doing when we stand behind our desks and have private meetings that ridicule a not-present employee, only to have them feel inferior in an environment where they are trying to become a part of the team? What are we doing when we use our influence as family members to stage a coup against another family member through private conversations or hidden posts, with obvious meaning?

Behind closed doors I admit, that I am sorry to have not written this post sooner. I am inspired by a few friends that I must say honor this code, thank you Ced, Tam, Joe H. and Cam W., to name a few. When in your presence I am happy to report that inspiration and encouragement are present. I hope that someone is inspired and encouraged to ask the question. What am I doing to help make a heart beat a little faster with the joy of my presence? What am I doing to give a child hope today? What are we doing that we would want done to us in return? So as I continue to engage and reflect on this human experience, I am trying to do my part, no I’m not perfect, but I will ask myself the same question in a personal way.

“What am I doing”?

A lesson on being thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Slipping and sliding through the winding roads of life, Nigel stopped and realized that he had more to be thankful for than once thought. He had recently won the community speech contest in his neighborhood. Out of all the contestants in the speech contest his talk on “The Beauty in Nature” took the gold award for Most Inspirational. His story simple and pure was one of struggle and defeat. He never accomplished anything major in his 35 years of life (or so he thought), just a couple of honorable mentions in the newspaper for helping neighbors make the most beautiful lawns. Nigel was a Horticulturist and made beautiful creations out of any type of plant. He lost his father at age 10 and to cope with those empty feelings within, he developed a deep love for nature.

From those small gestures of helping senior citizens cultivate their community lawns during gardening workshops, Nigel had learned (through this award) that he was a living example of inspiration to others. Nigel realized that the little things in life could make a big difference in the lives of others. This Thanksgiving, he was thankful for the life lessons that gardening had taught him, for the time on Earth that he had with his Father and for God’s love for him.

Several Twitter Friends were asked what they were thankful for. Take a look at what they had to say:

@treschic67 to @Chicagoradio I’m most Thankful to GOD ..HE Has Blessed me With a Sound Mind & Body So I Can Share my Blessings, a Loving Family & great Friends

@matthewmilam to @chicagoradio I’m thankful that my sense of humor has not gotten me slapped.

@MsKatrinaLynn to @CHICAGORADIO: Question of the day: What are you thankful for? #Thankful GOD, Fabulous family and friends, working and health!

@CHICAGORADIO I am thankful for God, love, family, friends, health, God’s classical 4 elements of fire, water, earth and Air. #Thankful

@NyreeSupreme (repeating) @CHICAGORADIO I am thankful for God, love, family, friends, health, God’s classical 4 elements of fire, water, earth and Air. #Thankful

@BgKahuna to @CHICAGORADIO: Quest of the day: What are you thankful for?->My family, my health, The musical The Wiz, and people who can spell my name

@SpankBoogie to @CHICAGORADIO: Question of the day: What are you thankful for? knowing God, family, and my house..ohh having 2 bthrms works : )

@ChicagoPhotoSho to @CHICAGORADIO good health, family, friends. I have it all 🙂

What are you most thankful for?

Does The Gender Pay Gap Still Exist?

Clearly so much progress has been made since the days when women were not allowed to wear pants and Bessie Coleman stepped into the cockpit and made history. However, I wondered where we are today in our views on women and pay in the workplace. On Wednesday, my twitter Question Of The Day focused on that very subject. I have only listed responses from some of my followers and not my responses to them. I will add those later. Thank you everyone on Twitter and my blog for the comments and great feedback. Please feel free to post comments to this discussion.

10/22/09 CHICAGORADIO Twitter Question of The Day: Are women still facing a gender pay gap in the workplace?

Per @techwoman the pay exists – that’s just a fact. The q is why-sexism? Women not fighting for raises?

Per @JaeKeys Absolutely!!

Per @ThePUISSANT1I can honesty say that men & women aren’t treated = in any work environment. I find myself fighting daily 4 the position

Per @SoulPurposeOOC Not as much in the tech sector. If a job posts @ 175k that’s what it is 4 whomever gets the job. But there R fewer women vying

Per @SoulPurposeOOC Gr8 discussion! @CHICAGORADIO

Per @
treschic67 @chicagoradio If women as a whole were less Passive(more aggressive) the Gap would Not Be so Great. Hope I don’t offend anyone

Per @treschic67 last point…Successful Women like Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, are NOT Passive


Per @Annielicious I can’t give an opinion on that, because I don’t live in that world. I will say the job of motherhood is priceless though.

Per @
Annielicious And also a husband @annieburltalk that keeps me very happy. He loves me, I love him and he makes the best Chocolate Martinis !


Per @
Annielicious Life just ended up that way & I wouldn’t change it. Through life’s bs that has been dished I have 2 beautiful kids in the process

Per @
SoulPurposeOOC Wmn R playing in a field designed by the “gd ole boy ntwrk” & must break thru to gt ahead. It’s against the grain

Per @
treschic67 I see no difference between male or female Attorneys. In fact, many female lawyers bill more hrs than male Lawyers

Per @
treschic67 At the same rates or Sometimes MORE.

Per @
treschic67 @chicagoradio I think in a less aggresive Field,Men make more than women (men are more aggressive than women) they ASK 4 more.

Per @Annielicious Most women don’t buy into old roles. We just want the job done right the first time lol


Per @
treschic67 @chicagoradio I’m an Attorney & women make up a large proportion of Attorneys at Larger Firms. Law is no longer male dominated


Per @Goodfellas773 Well cuz all of the old heads are still in power with there old ways, hell I don’t know lol??

Per @
SoulPurposeOOC Similarly, some wmn leave jobs altogether & start home biz for that same freedom of choice & time

Per @
SoulPurposeOOC Absolutely. Many wmn found that Quality of life was more impt & being hm 4 yr kids paramount

Per @treschic67 <It Depends on Your Profession

Per @Goodfellas773 YES! in middle America about the same but in Corp.America, its still a big gap smh


Per @SoulPurposeOOC Not as much in the tech sector. If a jb posts @ 175k that's what it is 4 whomever gets the job. But there R fewer wmn vying


Introducing TREEHOUSE FLAVOR! Hip Hop 4 The Kids!

Black History Month would not be complete without a focus on hip hop, that is focused on the family. That’s right these two men from Chicago have been rhyming together for more than a decade. Now fathers and husbands, Schott Styles and Sean Love have a few messages for the shorties that’s all positive and all about the rhymes.  Tune in on Monday, February 22, 2010 at 8am when we interview TREEHOUSE FLAVOR !  Click on one of the images to join the interview.