The usual list is out there, visit the Zoo, Navy Pier, all the Museums, (and I agree) but what if you took time to shake up the tradition and visit more places in Chicago this winter.  Here is a unique #ChicagoRadio top things to do this winter list by @NicoleCabell


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  • Stony Island Arts Bank


The South Shore Cultural Center, in Chicago, Illinois, is a cultural facility located at 71st Street and South Shore Drive, in the city’s South Shore neighborhood. It encompasses the grounds of the former South Shore Country Club. Wikipedia

Address: 7059 S South Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60649

Opened: 1908

Area: 65 acres

Phone: (773) 256-0149


Dusable Museum

Celebrate Kwanzaa 2015 (Open to all)

740 East 56th Place
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Phone: (773) 947-0600


Saturday, December 26th, Umoja– Unity

Sunday, December 27th, Kujichagulia– Self Determination and Ujima– Collective Work & Responsibility

Tuesday, December 29th, Ujamaa– Cooperative Economics and Nia– Purpose

Wednesday, December 30th, Kuumba– Creativity and Imani– Faith

Location: Ames Auditorium


Michigan Avenue from Water Tower Place to Roosevelt

Instead of going to the Magnificent Mile (for self)

Volunteer to take a low income child who has never been up and down the mile at night

Look at the wonder and joy in their eyes, tell them they could own a business there one day

Carol with them, buy hot chocolate, buy them the gift that you intended to by yourself


Harlem Globetrotters

Family basketball show

December 29 – 30, 2015

The famous Harlem Globetrotters demonstrate ball handling wizardry, rim-rattling dunks, trick shots, and comedy at Allstate Arena in Rosemont.


Lakeview Polar Bear Club Polar Plunge
When: Jan. 30
Where: Oak Street Beach, 1000 N. Lakeshore Drive
Hours: Plunge begins at 12 p.m., but participants should arrive by 11 a.m.
Admission: Early registration/donation is $30 per swimmer, and regular registration is $40 per swimmer. The event is free to watch, but donations are encouraged.
What It’s About: Every year since 2002 LBPC has been raising funds for families dealing with crises by jumping into Lake Michigan in the dead of winter.


eta Creative Arts Foundation, Inc.
7558 S South Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60619-2644 – Phone: (773) 752-3955

Repairing a Nation by Nikkole Salter 11/13/15 – 1/3/16

Lois Davis’ family suffered tremendous losses throughout the burning of “Black Wall Street” during the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921. 80 years later, she pressures her family to join a class- action suit for reparations; she could really use the money. A fun holiday celebration takes a dramatic turn when a family member’s past deception forces a “reparations” issue within the family. Playwright Nikkole Salter probes the wounds of inequity and flawed relationships to offer an opportunity to right a wrong and heal a family.


Black Ensemble Theater New Years Eve 2015

4450 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640



If You haven’t tried their food, you must!

Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant
6120 N Broadway, Edgewater, Chicago 773 338 6100
7537 N Clark Street, Rogers Park, Chicago 773 764 2200

Mon – Thurs and Sun 11am to 10:00pm, Fri and Sat 11am to 11:30pm


Escape Artistry

  • Flatiron Arts Building
  • 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave. Suite 350
  • Box Office (773) 789-9535 // Mon-Fri // 10a-5p

December 24, 2015 – Jan. 30, 20

You and 9 others are trapped in The Railcar and must solve clues to escape within an hour at the Flatiron Arts Building.

(Use the comments section below to share more events)

I have been told, “You are sitting on gold with that mind and voice of yours.” So I use it to inspire others. Until next time, I’m Nicole Cabell.

Nicole Cabell

A lesson on being thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Slipping and sliding through the winding roads of life, Nigel stopped and realized that he had more to be thankful for than once thought. He had recently won the community speech contest in his neighborhood. Out of all the contestants in the speech contest his talk on “The Beauty in Nature” took the gold award for Most Inspirational. His story simple and pure was one of struggle and defeat. He never accomplished anything major in his 35 years of life (or so he thought), just a couple of honorable mentions in the newspaper for helping neighbors make the most beautiful lawns. Nigel was a Horticulturist and made beautiful creations out of any type of plant. He lost his father at age 10 and to cope with those empty feelings within, he developed a deep love for nature.

From those small gestures of helping senior citizens cultivate their community lawns during gardening workshops, Nigel had learned (through this award) that he was a living example of inspiration to others. Nigel realized that the little things in life could make a big difference in the lives of others. This Thanksgiving, he was thankful for the life lessons that gardening had taught him, for the time on Earth that he had with his Father and for God’s love for him.

Several Twitter Friends were asked what they were thankful for. Take a look at what they had to say:

@treschic67 to @Chicagoradio I’m most Thankful to GOD ..HE Has Blessed me With a Sound Mind & Body So I Can Share my Blessings, a Loving Family & great Friends

@matthewmilam to @chicagoradio I’m thankful that my sense of humor has not gotten me slapped.

@MsKatrinaLynn to @CHICAGORADIO: Question of the day: What are you thankful for? #Thankful GOD, Fabulous family and friends, working and health!

@CHICAGORADIO I am thankful for God, love, family, friends, health, God’s classical 4 elements of fire, water, earth and Air. #Thankful

@NyreeSupreme (repeating) @CHICAGORADIO I am thankful for God, love, family, friends, health, God’s classical 4 elements of fire, water, earth and Air. #Thankful

@BgKahuna to @CHICAGORADIO: Quest of the day: What are you thankful for?->My family, my health, The musical The Wiz, and people who can spell my name

@SpankBoogie to @CHICAGORADIO: Question of the day: What are you thankful for? knowing God, family, and my house..ohh having 2 bthrms works : )

@ChicagoPhotoSho to @CHICAGORADIO good health, family, friends. I have it all 🙂

What are you most thankful for?

Does The Gender Pay Gap Still Exist?

Clearly so much progress has been made since the days when women were not allowed to wear pants and Bessie Coleman stepped into the cockpit and made history. However, I wondered where we are today in our views on women and pay in the workplace. On Wednesday, my twitter Question Of The Day focused on that very subject. I have only listed responses from some of my followers and not my responses to them. I will add those later. Thank you everyone on Twitter and my blog for the comments and great feedback. Please feel free to post comments to this discussion.

10/22/09 CHICAGORADIO Twitter Question of The Day: Are women still facing a gender pay gap in the workplace?

Per @techwoman the pay exists – that’s just a fact. The q is why-sexism? Women not fighting for raises?

Per @JaeKeys Absolutely!!

Per @ThePUISSANT1I can honesty say that men & women aren’t treated = in any work environment. I find myself fighting daily 4 the position

Per @SoulPurposeOOC Not as much in the tech sector. If a job posts @ 175k that’s what it is 4 whomever gets the job. But there R fewer women vying

Per @SoulPurposeOOC Gr8 discussion! @CHICAGORADIO

Per @
treschic67 @chicagoradio If women as a whole were less Passive(more aggressive) the Gap would Not Be so Great. Hope I don’t offend anyone

Per @treschic67 last point…Successful Women like Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, are NOT Passive


Per @Annielicious I can’t give an opinion on that, because I don’t live in that world. I will say the job of motherhood is priceless though.

Per @
Annielicious And also a husband @annieburltalk that keeps me very happy. He loves me, I love him and he makes the best Chocolate Martinis !


Per @
Annielicious Life just ended up that way & I wouldn’t change it. Through life’s bs that has been dished I have 2 beautiful kids in the process

Per @
SoulPurposeOOC Wmn R playing in a field designed by the “gd ole boy ntwrk” & must break thru to gt ahead. It’s against the grain

Per @
treschic67 I see no difference between male or female Attorneys. In fact, many female lawyers bill more hrs than male Lawyers

Per @
treschic67 At the same rates or Sometimes MORE.

Per @
treschic67 @chicagoradio I think in a less aggresive Field,Men make more than women (men are more aggressive than women) they ASK 4 more.

Per @Annielicious Most women don’t buy into old roles. We just want the job done right the first time lol


Per @
treschic67 @chicagoradio I’m an Attorney & women make up a large proportion of Attorneys at Larger Firms. Law is no longer male dominated


Per @Goodfellas773 Well cuz all of the old heads are still in power with there old ways, hell I don’t know lol??

Per @
SoulPurposeOOC Similarly, some wmn leave jobs altogether & start home biz for that same freedom of choice & time

Per @
SoulPurposeOOC Absolutely. Many wmn found that Quality of life was more impt & being hm 4 yr kids paramount

Per @treschic67 <It Depends on Your Profession

Per @Goodfellas773 YES! in middle America about the same but in Corp.America, its still a big gap smh


Per @SoulPurposeOOC Not as much in the tech sector. If a jb posts @ 175k that's what it is 4 whomever gets the job. But there R fewer wmn vying

VIEW THE WORLD THROUGH HAITI’S EYES >>>>> (Text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation to the Red Cross. Text “Yele” to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. )

Audio Version Click Here.
Background song by Lloyd Halsell

Photo Courtesy of the BBC
BBC Photo

As I wait, watch, pray, and meditate on Haiti, these feelings that overcome me are those that I know are shared by others. My heart trembles, a sick feeling greets me as I hesitate to click the right arrow button on a scrolling photo viewer on a news page. The questions fly by me as quickly as the passing time, but one question seems to stand out in all the mass hysteria. Why do we look? Why do we look? Three thoughts come to mind; compassion, need for action and education.

With each photo of the tragic earthquake in Haiti this week, a sense that somehow we are all connected drives my feelings. As I breathe air, you breathe air, no matter where we are on the face of the earth. When I cry, tears are released, just like yours. Somewhere else on the planet, people are using those internal cameras (the eyes) to capture a glimpse of life or to record a memory of what is happening around them.

We are driven together by our common thirst for peace, togetherness, love. So when a tragedy like the Haitian Earthquake happens our natural maturity as compassionate people is to feel. We are allowed that. Feeling compassion gives us a chance to do something positive about those feelings. Compassion is the precursor to action.

Now we are positively poised to do something, to take action. History check; when 9/11 happened in 2001 people felt pain and then rolled up their sleeves to do something. When the Tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004, we felt horror in our hearts and started giving. As Hurricane Katrina warnings went out in 2005, people cried out in “disbelief and shock” then started planning relief efforts at a failed government response. Haiti needs us now and there is so much that we can do like text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation or text “Yele” to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund.

Photo Courtesy of the BBC
BBC Photo

The American Red Cross has given us a quick way to help by texting “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation. Wyclef Jean, Haitian born music artist is asking us to text “Yele” to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. People all over are feeling the need, answering the call, reacting and taking action to save lives. That’s just it, we have a thirst to save lives. All of these overwhelming feelings that cause us to take action are born out of our innate desire to live and let live. We will move mountains to save the life of a loved one and really, as quiet as it’s kept, our love for humanity and other life-loving people compels us to stop and help.

Most of all, these events serve as a historical reminder that water, air and space connects us all throughout the universe. This moment in education ultimately brings us closer toward that common cause of Peace. Imagine a world where everyone sought peace. During a tragedy it is not difficult to see that world peace is possible when you look at people mobilized to help from all across the globe. As cameras, blogs, websites and more capture these moments, history will have another chance to teach our children the lessons that prejudices, hate, racism and evil cannot. When that little child is old enough to think on their own, away from an adult who is harming them by teaching division, it is education on“History” and “Herstory” that will describe a world where giving, love and unity helped Haiti earthquake victims and so many others before them. It is education that will call them to join the cause for peace. This child will learn about a choice that we are all granted as human beings, the choice to love or not to love.

Why do we look? Our likeness compels us to know if that other person is going to be okay. Text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation

Why do we look? When one person is pulled from the rubble, our hearts cry out “Thank You God” for the life that is spared. Text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation

Why do we look? We hope that if we found ourselves in the same situation, that others will look and not turn the other way when we need them. Text “Yele” to 501501

Why do we look? We look because we are human and to not look denies us the opportunity to express our God-given rights to feel, to cry, to need, to help.

As peaceful loving people we look, because we love. Love God, Love Self, Love Others, Love Always, Love.

The world through Haiti’s eyes must be extremely painful; I urge you to look, feel, take action and then be educated by our humanity and thirst for life as a human race. Give to Haiti Now. Your heart will be better for it.

Peace. God Bless Haiti and God Bless you.

Text “Haiti” to 90999 to send a $10 donation.

Text “Yele” to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund.

Nkosi and The Chocolate Maker

Nkosi was a litte boy who loved to tell stories about the life he wanted to lead when he became a man. He loved to watch people as they seemed so busy and important. One day he asked his dad, “Why are people so busy?” His dad replied, “In life there is chocolate to make and somebody has to do it.” The little boy went to his mom and asked, “Why are people so busy mommy?”
She replied, “Some people make the chocolate and some people eat the chocolate. We are trying to own the chocolate and share it.”



You are the voice that lives beyond the grave.
You are the child that inspired with your grades.
You are the son of one who saw your tears.
You are the boy who grew to 16 years.
Your life was not in vain Derrion.
We will raise your name until victory is won.
God rest your soul sweet Angel of peace.
May others be moved to make violence cease.

What Is Your Life Song?

If you could write the title of a song about your life today, what would it be? If you could write the title of a song about your life today, what would it be? Is it time for a temperature check?

So here is where the magic begins everyone. You are the sum of all of your parts. You are filled with so much, trials, tribulations, joys, defeats, pains, honorable mentions and so much more.

Taking time to do a life check is not only good, but helps us to remember how we made it from one point to the other. It is sort of like taking your pulse on life. What is your pulse right now? What is the title of your life song?

Here are some of the answers that I received on Twitter this morning:

Per @treschic67 my song “blessed and highly favored” and I would need MaryMary to write and Produce it.

Per @Goodfellas773 The name of my song kanye did it already Everything I am! So my new 1 would be 2step 4word 3step back wait, darn, Paula smh

Per @TherealJwhite I think I would call mine ” Running To Glory” let’s Go!

Per @PaperCakes no sleep and smelly hands

Per @crecks my title would be calle “one life to live”

Per @Annielicious Story of my life song – Give me coffee or I’m gonna kill ya. I can already envision the musical.

Friends, after you review the title that you created for your Life Song, ask yourself some questions. Is this where I want to be? Is my temperature set at the level that I require of myself? Should I lower my temperature, should I raise the roof? Do you see where I am going with this? Again, you are the sum of all of your parts. Set the temperature while you still have time.

Interview With Anne Parry, Chicago’s Violence Prevention Director

AnneParryViolence affects the lives of millions of people worldwide. In those crucial moments after an unfortunate act of violence occurs, a victim is in need of comfort and attention, not just physical care, but also Psychological First Aid and other supportive services. Thousand Waves Martial Arts and Self Defense Center is run by a wonderful group of very concerned and caring people.

They frequently pull together workshops that deal with important issues that we as a society need to be concerned about. On Saturday, September, 19, 2009 from 4:00 to 5:30PM they will have a free lecture presented by Anne Parry, Chicago’s Violence Prevention Director. This discussion is titled: Psychological First Aid: an adaptation for communities

For those concerned about Violence Prevention this is a must attend event!
Anne Parry Developed a Violence Prevention Campaign Known As TAKE TEN! Talk It Out! Walk It Out! Wait It Out!

Thousand Waves Martial Arts and Self Defense Center
1220 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657

For More Information Please Call: 773-472-7663